Evolving With Gratitude

Evolving with Gratitude – Contributing author

It’s Time to Make Gratitude a priority

Research proves that by intentionally practicing gratitude, we can dramatically improve our disposition, bringing us more joy and better health. Consistently and intentionally practicing gratitude can also lead to better relationships and more successful learning experiences. In this book, Lainie Rowell shows how educators can use small gratitude practices to make a big difference with kids, peers, and the world.

Drawing on recent discoveries in neuroscience, and highlighting the stories of twenty educators from around the world, Evolving with Gratitude will equip you with tools and resources to create safe, equitable, empowering learning experiences for all learners. Discover how to empower kids to be grateful for learning, which can lead to greater engagement. Learn how to practice gratitude with peers to cope with stress, regulate emotions, and nourish relationships. Get back to the joy of teaching, learning, and leading with implementable, research-backed practices and promote prosocial behavior in our world.

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