School Improvement

As defined by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration, School Improvement is defined as the following:

Effective educational leaders act as agents of continuous improvement to
promote each student’s academic success and well-being.

Effective leaders:
a) Seek to make school more effective for each student, teachers and staff, families, and the community.
b) Use methods of continuous improvement to achieve the vision, fulfill the mission, andpromote the core values of the school.
c) Prepare the school and the community for improvement, promoting readiness, an
imperative for improvement, instilling mutual commitment and accountability, and
developing the knowledge, skills, and motivation to succeed in improvement.
d) Engage others in an ongoing process of evidence-based inquiry, learning, strategic
goal setting, planning, implementation, and evaluation for continuous school and
classroom improvement.
e) Employ situationally-appropriate strategies for improvement, including
transformational and incremental, adaptive approaches and attention to different
phases of implementation.
f) Assess and develop the capacity of staff to assess the value and applicability of
emerging educational trends and the findings of research for the school and its
g) Develop technically appropriate systems of data collection, management, analysis,
and use, connecting as needed to the district office and external partners for support
in planning, implementation, monitoring, feedback, and evaluation.
h) Adopt a systems perspective and promote coherence among improvement efforts
and all aspects of school organization, programs, and services.
i) Manage uncertainty, risk, competing initiatives, and politics of change with courage and perseverance, providing support and encouragement, and openly communicating the need for, process for, and outcomes of improvement efforts.
j) Develop and promote leadership among teachers and staff for inquiry,
experimentation and innovation, and initiating and implementing improvement.

I have met these criteria evidenced by the following:

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