Professional Standards for Educational Leaders

This portfolio is based on the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders as outlined by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration which shares the following:

The Professional Standards for Educational Leaders provide guideposts so that the answers to these critical questions are a resounding “Yes!” Grounded in current research and the real-life experiences of educational leaders, they articulate the leadership that our schools need and our students deserve. They are student-centric, outlining foundational principles of leadership to guide the practice of educational leaders so they can move the needle on student learning and achieve more equitable outcomes. They’re designed to ensure that educational leaders are ready to meet effectively the challenges and opportunities of the job today and in the future as
education, schools and society continue to transform.

The standards are the following:

    1. Mission, Vision, and Core Values

    2. Ethics and Professional Norms

    3. Equity and Cultural Responsiveness 

    4. Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment 

    5. Community of Care and Support for Students 

    6. Professional Capacity of School Personnel 

    7.  Professional Community for Teachers and Staff 

    8. Meaningful Engagement of Families and Community 

    9. Operations and Management 

    10. School Improvement

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