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Connected and Networked

I believe in the power of being a connected and networked educator.  Creating and being a part of environments where people actively share ideas makes us better.  These types of experiences serve as opportunities to be exposed to diverse perspectives, ideas, learning experiences, and techniques.  Although in-person events are important for connecting, social media has provided a place to expand my PLN (professional learning network) in meaningful and relevant ways.  This digital space allows ideas to spread and  provides immediate access to the most innovative and up-to-date teaching and learning practices. Isolation in education is a choice. There are so many ways to collaborate and share new and better ideas.

Connect with me!

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Twitter:  Twitter has been a wonderful social media platform to connect and network with educators from across the globe.  The professional learning opportunities that Twitter offers has impacted my professional growth in more ways than I could have ever imagined.  It is a space where I can participate and facilitate chats about various topics in education, capture and share teaching and learning ideas and best practices, read relevant articles and blogs, connect with educators who stretch my thinking, and cultivate a powerful professional learning network (PLN).  Additionally, it is a space where I can highlight the wonderful work that is happening in my school district, document important information from conferences I present at and attend, and share my personal thoughts and ideas.

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Instagram: Instagram is a space where I highlight and capture the learning and growth I have experienced over the course of time.  This includes work I have done with educators and students in my school district, as well as my learning at conferences I attend, and present at.  I also enjoy amplifying other influential educators’ voices on my Instagram page because I believe they too share important messages that the rest of the educational world could benefit from hearing.  Additionally, I share experiences and stories that include highlights from my week, inspirational quotes, and images/videos that inspire me.  This is a place where you can follow my passions and interests in the education field.

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Wakelet:  Wakelet is a digital space where I curate, organize, and share specific content that tells stories.  The content in the Wakelets I design, highlight various experiences I have had with educators and students; the Wakelets capture and track powerful moments in time.  I utilize text, images, and videos to share these stories with my audience so they can share in my educational journey.

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Voxer:  Voxer is a free app that combines the best of voice, text, photo and video messages for a powerful and personal messaging tool.  I utilize Voxer to easily and instantly communicate with family, friends, teams at work, and my PLN.  Additionally, it allows me to participate in book studies and connect with authors and educators all around the globe. Some of my most recent book studies with my school district and #Read2Lead community include: #WSCBinLB, #InnovateInsidetheBox, #AuthenticEDU#ALLinEDU, and #TeachersDeserveIt.